New Seacoast Jazz Series


Hello jazz players of the Seacoast region and a little bit beyond,
There's a new jazz series beginning to book at WSCA in Portsmouth for the Spring that we're booking as part of Northeast Jazz, which is a provisional name for a new organization of musicians working to.. well, promote jazz in the northeast.  Northeast Jazz is fully open to anyone who wants to get involved.  If you are one of those who wants to and are not already in it, let Jonny Peiffer know here and you'll be kept abreast of meetings / happenings relevant to it.  It's a fledgling organization but has big goals and a group of sixty or so folks working to realize them.
We're planning to start the series in late April or in May.   

Here's the plan:
- Thursday nights, doors at 8pm, show 830pm-10pm.  WSCA is located at 909 Islington St # 1, Portsmouth, NH 03801
- Probably one longer set makes the most sense but two shorter ones is fine if you prefer
- Pay is an aggressively suggested donation explained and collected by WSCA people, and split 70/30 in the band's favor.  It'll be modeled after something like what Blue does, which seems to work out well for the establishment and players most of the time
- Plan for there to be no PA for now, though that may change in the medium term
If you are interested in booking, please email Johnny Pfeiffer at and include:
- Photos, website, press kit / whatever promotional materials of that sort you have, social media if applicable
- Soundcloud / bandcamp / mp3s of the project you want to bring in
- Any information about the band that might be helpful in booking
- Personnel, or at least instrumentation/size so they can program accordingly
The Paul Heckel Quartet will be playing Thursday evening, May 31st.  Personnel includes Paul on vibes, John Hunter on bass, me playing sax and flute, and Tim Gilmore on drums.  We will be presenting a mix of standards and original material, with a nod to Gary Burton and Chick Corea.  More information in the "Calendar Dates" section of this site.