August 2020 update

Every time I wake up and realize I haven't posted anything on my website another 6 months has passed!

Of course, this time not much was happening due to the unfortunate fallout from the pandemic, which as you know impacted performing artists particularly hard.

It cheers me up to tell you that my Iridescence quartet will be playing a live outdoor concert on August 8th at Crow's Feat Farm on Drinkwater Rd. in Kensington, NH from 3-5pm.  Ticket information is in the "Calendar" section elsewhere on this site.


I also have been doing a few online concerts for Seacoast Jazz Live and Edgewood and Riverwoods retirement communities this summer in addition to a couple of trio gigs at the Patio Garden in Weirs Beach, NH, so it hasn't been completely dry.  Not too many public events, however, which is part of why things have been so quiet.


The other big news for me this summer is that I have been asked to take charge of the jazz improvisation program at Phillips Exeter Academy this fall in addition to my private teaching responsibilities.  Assisting me in this endeavor are drummer Les Harris, Jr. and bassist Keala Kaumeheiwa, who also teach at other institutions in the Northeast.  We are, of course, going to be conducting lessons and classes totally online, at least for the beginning of the school year.  It will be a challenge, both for students and instructors alike, to deal with this new virtual reality and make collective music in this new environment!


At any rate, when things open up again, I hope to see you live and in person at a club date, concert or gig somewhere!