For musicians: Take photos on your gig!

If you’re playing live, it’s a great opportunity to get photos of you and your music in action. You know that. I know that. So why do we always forget?

Honestly, it’s probably because we’re so focused on the task at hand – playing a quality show. But if you’re not already, it’s time to start thinking about making that show work for you, even after it’s done.

I am – ahem – a little older, so I’ve played gigs in the pre-cell-phone era, when, if you forgot your camera at home, you were most likely out of luck. That’s clearly no longer a problem, but you still need to remember to ask someone to take photos of you from the crowd. Photos taken by a band member from the stage can sometimes work, but you’re taking the risk of an awkward onstage moment and capturing a photo that only represents your perspective, which, while good for your personal files, doesn’t usually make for a great photo to share.

So: next time you play a show, make sure you get someone to take photos, and make sure you post them on your site and socials shortly after the gig. It’ll give people an idea of what your live show looks like, let them know you’re actively playing out, and give you content to use for promotion, artwork, or whatever else might come up.

And keep in mind that some of the best photos come from unconventional venues: don’t hesitate to post your photos, no matter where you’re performing. And they don’t have to be “pro” shots – phone photos are everywhere, obviously, so slap a filter on there, make it look cool, and promote your next show while simultaneously cataloging memories of your previous ones.


(Thanks to HostBaby for the material for this post)

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