New YouTube Videos

Recently, some good friends and long time musical associates, bassist John Hunter and vibist Paul Heckel, decided to do some promotional videos with drummer Tim Gilmore to be placed on YouTube.  They asked me if I would be interested in collaborating on the project, which was to be recorded by Ryan Parker.

Of course I immediately said yes, and we set out to rehearse some tunes and find a location to record them.  We settled on one of the rehearsal rooms at a private school where I teach, and planned a few sessions where we could become more comfortable with the material, which includes some tunes by Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Steve Swallow, Gary Burton, and myself.

The session took most of one morning and ran into early afternoon, and we were able to get eight tunes recorded on a day when classes were not meeting, so it would be quiet on campus.  We later went over to Ryan's studio for mixing.  The videos, most of which are only a few minutes in length,  can be found on the "Links To Others" page of this site.  I also included a link to Paul Heckel's website, for you percussion fans.