Keeping up with the changes

Here at the beginning of 2020, I am reflecting at the vast number of changes I have observed in the music business since my early days of playing cocktail piano in restaurants when I was still in high school.  At one point, musicians were at the mercy of recording studios and record companies and often careers rose and fell dependent on the vagaries of the marketplace.  Today, with the advent of the internet, enterprising artists can create their own marketing firms online and control the manufacturing and distribution of their creations from home over a cup of coffee.

I have to admit I have more or less been watching the entire scene unfold as though I were munching popcorn and viewing a Netflix movie, but I have resolved in the New Year to get my feet wet and start creating my own little domain online through which I cam market the educational materials and arrangements I have created over the past few decades of teaching.  Creating an online presence will undoubtedly assist my efforts in securing gigs for myself and hopefully some of the groups with whom I perform.  It remains to be seen - one thing is certain; if I don't try to create a killer website, nothing is going to happen anyway.

Seems like a steep learning curve, but on the other hand automation has replaced many of the odious coding tasks required for the early pioneers in the field, so it's time to start experimenting!  I would be interested in hearing from anyone reading this blog what kinds of efforts you have found successful in marketing your creative activities.  Send me links to your sites: if they complement what I am trying to accomplish, I will definitely post them.


Here's to a successful and profitable 2020!




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